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Huggins Legacy Seed Co.

Providing Safe, Quality, Organic, Heirloom, Non-GMO fruit, vegetables, and herb SEEDS for your family and friends!

Why Choose Huggins Legacy Seed Co

Premium Quality

Experience the finest with Huggins Legacy – our commitment to premium quality ensures every vegetable, fruit, and melon is a superior delight.

Organic Excellence

Nurture your well-being organically. Huggins Legacy brings you vegetables, fruits, melons, and more cultivated with care and superior excellence

Heirloom Riches

Preserve the legacy of flavor and tradition. Huggins Legacy offers heirloom varieties, delivering unique tastes and stories from seed to your garden

Non-GMO Assurance

Huggins Legacy guarantees a harvest free from genetic modification – enjoy the pure goodness of our non-GMO vegetables, fruits, melons, and beyond

About Huggins Legacy Seed

Huggins Legacy Seed Co. is a dedicated provider of safe, high-quality, and organic seeds, specializing in heirloom varieties. Our commitment revolves around offering a diverse selection of non-GMO seeds for vegetables, fruits, melons, and more. With a focus on preserving traditions and fostering healthy, bountiful gardens, Huggins Legacy Seed Co. aims to be your trusted source for premium seeds that contribute to the flourishing legacy of your homegrown produce.


Heirloom Seeds

Seeds of History


Melon Fruits

Sun-Kissed Goodness

Explore Huggins Legacy Seeds

Lisa G

What I love most about Huggins Seed Co. is the variety. I've explored their fruit seeds, and each one has been a delightful surprise. From watermelons to strawberries, my family and I are enjoying a rainbow of homegrown goodness. Thank you, Huggins!

USDA Zone Map

Learn when to plant in your area and which horticultural species will perform best within your particular geographical region.

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